Concept work done on the side for fun, this page gets updated as more personal work finally gets finished!

From Bombay with Love

Dishoom is a group of Indian restaurants with its own cookbook "From Bombay with Love". I re-imagined how this cookbook could work digitally. I liked how the meals are structured across the periods of the day, so I focused on this. I wanted to try working with a compact layout inspired by newspapers. Nostalgic of the old Irani cafes that Dishoom pays homage to with their food.

Sonos App

As a big fan of Sonos products and their ecosystem, I created a quick concept for the Now Playing screen. In a connected home, the location and type of speaker is key detail. I wanted to try a playful layout where the speaker is front and centre.


Another concept that came from a restaurant I love. A restaurant landing page and menu-browsing experience depend on the location. Many restaurants websites don't offer imagery of their meals. Perhaps this is to keep it compact. But with digital, we can provide an elegant solution.

Muji store

Conceptual design for Muji to experiment with some ideas for e-commerce. The grid lines are present to harmoniously connect content and elements. The large typography and colour scheme allows the typography to be layered above, adding depth. The product carousel presents the different colours in the UI subtly.

Honda E

A connected app idea I worked on for the Honda E after its launch. Similar to the Tesla app, but capturing the characteristics of the Honda E. The UI takes inspiration from the industrial design of the car with the distinct shapes and use of colour. The features show the charging status and controls such as the ac control.